Click to enlargeWeb of Deceit: Misinformation and 
Manipulation in the Age of Social Media
Edited by Anne P. Mintz

"Anne Mintz has once again assembled some savvy writers who have a lot to teach us about being safe on the web. The dangers of social media command our attention now more than ever, and this book is a must-read for anyone who socializes, shops, or interacts online. In other words, all of us!"

—Ari L. Goldman, Columbia University
Graduate School of Journalism

For all its amazing benefits, the worldwide social media phenomenon—epitomized by such sites as Facebook, Myspace, eBay, Twitter, and craigslist—has provided manipulative people and organizations with the tools (and human targets) that allow hoaxes and con games to be perpetrated on a vast scale.

In this eye-opening follow-up to her popular 2002 book, Web of Deception, Anne P. Mintz brings together a team of expert researchers, journalists, and subject experts to explain how misinformation is intentionally spread and to illuminate the dangers in a range of critical areas.

Web of Deceit is a must-read for any internet user who wants to avoid being victimized by liars, thieves, and propagandists in the age of ubiquitous social media.

"The subject of misinformation is of growing importance and Anne Mintz's new book uses timely examples to make information abuse come alive. Anyone interested in understanding the challenges 'big data' present to researchers will find Ms. Mintz's guidance valuable."

—Stephen E. Arnold

"A fascinating and disturbing series of essays about the abuses of social media—a topic that could not be more timely."

—Peter Beinart, associate professor of journalism
and political science, CUNY

CyberAge | 2012/224 pp/softbound | ISBN 978-0-910965-91-0

Ebook Editions are available.

Web of Deceit
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