Click to enlargeSuper Searchers on Wall Street:
Top Investment Professionals Share 
Their Online Research Secrets

By Amelia Kassel Edited by Reva Basch

Through her probing interviews, Amelia Kassel reveals the online secrets of 10 leading financial industry research experts. You'll learn how information professionals find and analyze market and industry data, as well as how online information is used in brokerages, stock exchanges, investment banks, and individual investors to make critical investment decisions. The Wall Street Super Searchers direct you to important sites and sources, illuminate the trends that are revolutionizing financial research, and help you use online research as part of a powerful investment strategy. As a reader bonus, a directory of top sites and sources is hyperlinked and periodically updated on the Web.

CyberAge Books 2000/256 pp/softbound

Super Searchers on Wall Street
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