Research on Main Street
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"As a long-time researcher focusing on business and economic research at the local level, I read this book with anticipation and was not disappointed. ... I gained a wealth of new insights about sources and strategies. ... A gold mine!"

—Christine Hamilton-Pennell, Founder and
President, Growing Local Economies, Inc.

Even in a global economy, businesses need targeted, localized information about customers, companies, and industries. But as skilled searchers know, adding the element of geography to any research project creates new challenges. With Research on Main Street, Marcy Phelps presents a unique and useful guide to finding business and market information about places—including counties, cities, census blocks, and other sub-state areas—using free and low-cost online resources.

You'll learn expert techniques and strategies for approaching location-specific research, including advice on how to tap local sources for in-depth information about business and economic conditions, issues, and outlooks. In addition to sharing her own well-honed expertise, Phelps incorporates a wealth of advice from her fellow business researchers throughout.

"Local personalities, economics, and demographics often impact pivotal business decisions. This book is the authority on how to approach, identify, and use local resources to make important strategic decisions."

—Ellen Naylor, CEO,
Business Intelligence Source

"My favorite thing about this book is its practical focus: It's impossible to read any page of this useful guide and not come away with at least one handy tip for improving your research technique."

—Robin Neidorf, Director
of Research, FreePint

"Performing local market research is a completely different terrain than researching larger-scale companies. Research on Main Street is an essential guide for knowing where to look, evaluating good resources and who to talk to. Following Phelps's instructions, it will be possible to develop the craftiness and savvy to find valuable information to help local business and communities."

—Michael Gurton, MarketLink
Program Director, Oregon
Microenterprise Network

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ISBN 978-0-910965-88-0
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