Law Of The Super Searchers:
The Online Secrets of Top 
Legal Researchers

By T.R. Halvorson
Edited by Reva Basch

In their own words, eight of the world’s leading legal researchers explain how they use the Internet and online services to approach, analyze, and carry through a legal research project. In interviewing the experts, practicing attorney and online searcher T.R. Halvorson avoids the typical introductory approach to online research and focuses on topics critical to lawyers and legal research professionals: documenting the search, organizing a strategy, what to consider before logging on, efficient ways to build a search, and much more. Law Of The Super Searchers—the second title in the new “Super Searchers” series edited by Reva Basch—offers fundamental strategies for legal researchers who need to take advantage of the wealth of information available online.

CyberAge Books
1999/245 pp/softbound

Law Of The Super Searchers
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