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Edited by Mary Lee Kennedy and Jane Dysart
Foreword by Tom Davenport

“Perhaps nowhere else will you find such useful content on how information and IT professionals should view and leverage intranets.”

— Tom Davenport, from the Foreword 

The intranet is among the primary landscapes in which information-based work occurs, yet many info pros view it with equal parts skepticism and dread. In Intranets for Info Pros, editors Kennedy and Dysart and 10 expert contributors provide a wealth of advice and support for the information professional charged with implementing or contributing to an intranet.

Leading thinkers and practitioners contributing to Intranets for Info Pros are Angela Abell, Avi Rappoport, Jose Claudio Terra, Cory Costanzo, Craig St. Clair, Cynthia Ross Pedersen, Debra Wallace, Eric Hards, Ian Littlejohn, and Mike Crandall. Together with Kennedy and Dysart they demonstrate the intranet’s strategic value, describe important trends and best practices, and equip info pros to make a key contribution to their organization’s intranet success.

Intranets for Info Pros offers the latest thinking on the tools and tactics required for maximizing the power of (and investment in) your intranet.”

— Michelle Manafy, editor-in-chief, Intranets and EContent

2007/304 pp/softbound

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Intranets for Info Pros
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