Critical Skills for Streaming Producers
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Product Description

by Jan Ozer

Critical Skills for Streaming Producers is a mixed media resource. The primary interface is a 340-page PDF file in book form, complete with extensive bookmarks that allow readers to quickly find the desired material.

The PDF is supplemented with additional material, including:

  • 27 1024x768 screencam tutorials detailing software-based operations of programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Media Encoder and Apple Final Cut Pro and Compressor.
  • 9 tutorials available in Flash, large screen H.264 and iPod formats detailing setup operations like Creating a Compressible Background for On-Location Shoots or Setting Up Three Point lighting.
  • Over 75 videos illustrating the quality differences resulting from configuration decisions like using Compressor’s Better and Best deinterlacing alternatives.
  • 13 illustrated checklists detailing operations like Color Correction in Final Cut Pro.

Most videos are accessible by clicking a screen shot within the chapter, so you can easily watch the videos in context with your reading.

The content also includes extensive market research detailing information like the video resolutions and data rates utilized by major broadcast and corporate sites, or whether these producers are publishing at 15 or 30 fps. For many topics, like three point vs flat lighting, you can:

  • Read about how and when large sites on the market are using three-point lighting.
  • Read about how to set up three-point lighting.
  • Watch a big screen video on your computer detailing how to set up three-point lighting.
  • Print a checklist to take with you when setting up three-point lighting.
  • Transfer a video for your iPod for viewing while setting up three-point lighting.

Not only does this mixed media approach accommodate different learning styles, it also presents information so that it’s most easily learned and applied.

Chapter List (click link below for details):

Chapter 1:    The Streaming Landscape
Chapter 2:    Designing Your Set
Chapter 3:    Lighting the Set
Chapter 4:    Streaming Related Shooting Skills
Chapter 5:    Correcting Audio and Video Problems
Chapter 6:    Choosing a Codec
Chapter 7:    Choosing Output Parameters
Chapter 8:    Production Work Flows
Chapter 9:    Encoding Basics
Chapter 10:   Encoding with the Adobe Media Encoder
Chapter 11:   Encoding with Apple Compressor

Chapter details

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