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Final Cut Studio 
Streaming Producers

by Jan Ozer

Producing Streaming Video with Final Cut Studio and need some streaming-specific training? If so, Critical Skills for Final Cut Studio Streaming Producers is the training DVD for you.

Final Cut Studio and Compressor are fabulous tools, but the workflow can be confusing. For example, which de-interlacing option triggers Compressor’s vaunted Optical Flow technology (and which don’t)? How does editing in a custom Final Cut Pro setting or encoding with a Quick Time Export Component impact your options in Compressor’s Geometry Pane?

With over 330 screen-filled PDF pages, supported by dozens of tutorials and hundreds of sample and example files, this mixed media DVD answers these critical questions and details Compressor’s encoding options for H.264, VP6 and WMV/VC-1.

Other sections illustrate the streaming video workflow from set design and lighting to choosing the optimal resolution, data rate and aspect ratio for your video. Concerned that Compressor may not deliver the best output quality? The final chapter compares Compressor’s H.264, VP6 and WMV/VC-1 output quality with files produced by Sorenson Squeeze and Telestream Episode Pro to show how Compressor stacks up.

“Jan Ozer uses streaming media technology to teach streaming media. It’s one of the most thorough and up-to-date resources I’ve ever seen. The content goes many layers deep to explain fundamentals, and still explores brand new developments. It is a great training tool that allows users to tailor their “just in time” learning, and to fill in any gaps in their knowledge”.

Jeff Hanley, Manager, Multimedia
Corporate Learning Center

TABLE OF CONTENTS (click link below for details)

Chapter 1: The Streaming Landscape
Chapter 2: Designing Your Set
Chapter 3: Lighting the Set
Chapter 4: Shooting for Streaming
Chapter 5: Correcting A/Problems
Chapter 6: Choosing a Codec
Chapter 7: Choosing Output Parameters
Chapter 8: Production Work Flows
Chapter 9: Encoding Basics
Chapter 10: Producing in Apple Compressor
Chapter 11: Comparing Mac Encoding Tools

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Critical Skills for Final Cut Studio Streaming Producers
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