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CS3 Production Premium
Streaming Producers

by Jan Ozer

Producing Streaming Video with Adobe CS3 Production Premium and need some streaming-specific training? If so, Critical Skills for Adobe CS3 Production Premium Streaming Producers is the training DVD for you.

It’s relatively simple to choose encoding parameters and produce a streaming file in Premiere Pro, but are you choosing the right parameters ? For example, when producing H.264 files, how do you choose the Main profile to leverage the additional quality it offers over the Baseline profile? Can you access VP6-S and VP6-E from the Adobe Media Encoder, and what the heck are VP6-S and VP6-E anyway, and when do you need to use them? Does VC-1 differ from WMV-9 and how do you produce files for the Microsoft Streaming server or Silverlight?

“Jan Ozer uses streaming media technology to teach streaming media. It’s one of the most thorough and up-to-date resources I’ve ever seen. The content goes many layers deep to explain fundamentals, and still explores brand new developments. It is a great training tool that allows users to tailor their “just in time” learning, and to fill in any gaps in their knowledge.”

–Jeff Hanley, Manager, Multimedia
Corporate Learning Center

Beyond these encoding-related issues, there are a host of other production -related issues. When encoding in a third -party program, what format should you use for your intermediate file and what’s the optimal workflow for producing that file? How does Premiere Pro’s deinterlacing and noise reduction compare to others available on the market, and when should you care? Which preset should you use for producing streaming video and why?

With more than 280 screen-filled PDF pages, supported by dozens of tutorials and hundreds of sample and example files, this mixed media DVD answers these critical questions and details Adobe Media Encoder’s encoding options for H.264, VP6 and WMV/VC-1. Other sections illustrate the streaming video workflow, from set design and lighting to choosing the optimal resolution, data rate, and aspect ratio for your video.

Considering changing the resolution, frame rate , or data rate of your streaming video? This DVD presents statistics shows the configurations used by leading corporate and broadcast sites and how they’ve changed since November, 2006.

The content of the PDF starts with preproduction and ends with the distribution of your video for web or internal use. I’ve always had a lot of appreciation for Ozer’s work with software and streaming technologies, but I believe that he truly shines with his tutorials on 3-point lighting and camera composition and techniques. These tutorials alone are worth the purchase of the DVD. There are very few resources that give great and helpful lighting and camera-framing information in such an easy-to-understand form.

–Todd Gillespie
Producer- UC-Santa Barbara

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Critical Skills for Adobe CS3 Production Premium Streaming Producers
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