Click to enlargeComputerization Movements and 
Technology Diffusion:
From Mainframes to Ubiquitous Computing

Edited by
Margaret S. Elliott and Kenneth L. Kraemer

Foreword by Suzanne Iacono

“ This book is a significant contribution to scholarly study in Social Informatics ... unique in being the largest collection of research papers on CMs to date. ... it shows that CMs greatly influence how people think about computing technologies and therefore help shape the technology adoption decisions of managers and users in organizations, and more broadly within society. ”

—Dr. Suzanne Iacono, from the foreword

“Computerization movement” (CM), as first articulated by Rob Kling, refers to a special kind of social and technological movement that promotes the adoption of computing within organizations and society. Here, editors Margaret S. Elliott and Kenneth L. Kraemer and more than two dozen noted scholars trace the successes and failures of CMs from the mainframe and PC eras to the current Internet era and the emerging era of ubiquitous computing.

Through theoretical analyses, systematic empirical studies, field-based studies, and case studies of specific technologies, the book shows CMs to be driven by Utopian visions of technology that become part of the “ether” within society, creating a general bias in favor of computing adoption. The empirical studies presented here show the need for designers, users, and the media to be aware that CM rhetoric can propose grand visions that never become part of a reality, and reinforce the need for critical and scholarly review of promising new technologies.

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