Annual Review of 
Information Science and Technology
Edited by Blaise Cronin

ARIST, published annually since 1966, is a landmark publication within the information science community. It surveys the landscape of information science and technology, providing an analytical, authoritative, and accessible overview of recent trends and significant developments. The range of topics varies considerably, reflecting the dynamism of the discipline and the diversity of theoretical and applied perspectives. While ARIST continues to cover key topics associated with “classical” information science (e.g., bibliometrics, information retrieval), the editor has selectively expanded its footprint in an effort to connect information science more tightly with cognate academic and professional communities.

Contents of Volume 44 (2010):

SECTION I: Metrics

Chapter 1: Usage Bibliometrics, Michael J. Kurtz and Johann Bollen
Chapter 2: The Hirsch Index and Related Impact Measures, Leo Egghe
Chapter 3: Sports Knowledge Management and Data Mining: Robert P. Schumaker, Osama K. Solieman, and Hsinchun Chen

SECTION II: Fundamentals

Chapter 4: Philosophy and Information Studies, Jonathan Furner
Chapter 5: Fifty Years of Research in Artificial Intelligence, Hamid R. Ekbia
Chapter 6: Facet Analysis, Kathryn La Barre

SECTION III:Communication

Chapter 7: Communication in the Sciences, Cecelia Brown
Chapter 8: Digital Government, Scott P. Robertson and Ravi K. Vatrapu

SECTION IV: Economics

Chapter 9: The Knowledge-Based Economy and the Triple Helix Model, Loet Leydesdorff
Chapter 10: Economic Theory as It Applies to Public Sector Information, Kirsti Nilsen

SECTION V: Practice

Chapter 11: Information Practices of Immigrants, Nadia Caidi, Danielle Allard, and Lisa Quirke
Chapter 12: Confessional Methods and Everyday Life Information Seeking, Elisabeth Davenport

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