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Annual Review of Information Science
and Technology

Edited by Blaise Cronin

ARIST, published annually since 1966, is a landmark publication within the information science community. It surveys the landscape of information science and technology, providing an analytical, authoritative, and accessible overview of recent trends and significant developments. The range of topics varies considerably, reflecting the dynamism of the discipline and the diversity of theoretical and applied perspectives. While ARIST continues to cover key topics associated with “classical” information science (e.g., bibliometrics, information retrieval), editor Blaise Cronin is selectively expanding its footprint in an effort to connect information science more tightly with cognate academic and professional communities.

Contents of Volume 42 (2008):

SECTION I Information Seeking and Retrieval

Chapter 1: Visual Image Retrieval, Peter G. B. Enser
Chapter 2: Interactive Information Retrieval, Ian Ruthven
Chapter 3: Multitasking Behavior, Amanda Spink, Charles Cole, and Mary Waller
Chapter 4: Activity Theory and Information Seeking, T. D. Wilson

SECTION II: The Nature of Academic Disciplines

Chapter 5: Scholarship and Disciplinary Practices, Carole L. Palmer and Melissa H. Cragin
Chapter 6: Mapping Research Specialties, Steven A. Morris and Betsy Van der Veer Martens
Chapter 7: Scientific Writing, Ken Hyland and Françoise Salager-Meyer
Chapter 8: The Concept of Genre in Information Studies, Jack Andersen

SECTION III: Information Management and Systems

Chapter 9: Knowledge Management, Bill Martin
Chapter 10: Syndromic Surveillance Systems, Ping Yan, Hsinchun Chen, and Daniel Zeng
Chapter 11: Educational Informatics, Nigel Ford

SECTION IV: Issues in Information Science

Chapter 12: Information Commons, Nancy Kranich and Jorge Reina Schement
Chapter 13: Education for Information Science, Elizabeth M. Mezick and Michael E. D. Koenig

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